Grading the Bat Books: Fall 2012 Part 3


Professor BatWatch Rises

After bomb threats, a computer system crash, and snow days, Professor BatWatch is finally back and ready to give the final five grades of the Fall semester. Professor BatWatch knows that only one student had a grade so bad he or she would call in a bomb threat to delay receiving it. Who is the guilty culprit that will be receiving an F today? Let's find out.

As with previous installments, the grades are only based on issues which came out during the Fall semester, August 1st through December 9th.

If you missed the previous installments, click  for Part 1 and Part 2.

Nightwing: C

Mr. Grayson, I know all the young women love you, and you have your fair share of admirers among the staff as well, but I have to say that I have not been as taken with you. Though you were once a master who gracefully executed your skills and accomplished your goals, you now seem to struggle through every challenge, and I find this quite disappointing. The quality of your recent work has not been terrible, but it has not been up the level that I know you could accomplish. Furthermore, I was very disappointed with your Zero project where you crafted a tale which undermined the paternal relationship between your protagonist and his guardian. Now that you have made the protagonist merely an employee rather than a son, it has destroyed the delicate complexities of the central relationship which gave your narrative its appeal. Very disappointing. Still, this is a passing grade and hope blooms eternal. Perhaps if you spend less time entertaining the young ladies and more time studying, you can earn an A in the Spring.

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