Featured Commenatary: Is Damian Wayne a Good Robin?


This is a three part series that will try to answer that simple question by analyzing Damian in terms of the various roles Robin fills both as Batman's most famous partner in fighting crime and as a character in a comic book. This will not be about which Robin is best, whether or not Damian is a strong character, or if the younger Wayne deserves to wear the famous domino mask. This is not a contest, but an evaluation.

Over the years, Robin has come to mean a great deal of things to both Batman and readers. We will look at three of those things today starting with the earliest defined purpose of Robin and moving towards more recent understandings of the role of the Boy Wonder.

1. Does Damian give Batman an excuse to talk?

If you look back at the commentary of the writers who added Robin to the Batman mythos, you will find that the original purpose of the character was charmingly simple. Batman was a lone figure which meant he was silent almost all the time which does not make for the most fascinating of stories. In the early days of comics, the internal monologue was not really yet developed, so the most common way to explain a heroes actions was to use a narrator which made things feel kind awkward and removed. How do you fix this problem? Throw in a trusty sidekick who constantly asks questions of the protagonist! Thus was born Robin.

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