Tweets of the Week 1/13/13

It has been a slow week on Twitter. The only substantive exchange I've had with a creator was over Key and Peele skits.

Warning: there is some cursing in this video.

The following is between BatWatch, Richard Oh (a random fan) and Brett Booth. (former artist on Wildstorm series Backlash and current artist on Teen Titans)

Booth: “@GailSimone: I love Key and Peele.” One of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen! “

Richard Oh: “which is your favorite key and peele skit? Hahah the teacher pronouncing the name wrong kills me.”

BatWatch: “I saw that for the first time the other day. It is great As somebody who taught in a predominantly black school, I can confirm that both the attitude of the teacher and the weird names are spot on.”

Booth: “Thinking again, the racist zombies was really good as well...”

Oh: “didn't get that ending in the end. Loved the football names intro one.”

Booth: “That all the zombies are racist and therefore won't eat the black people? Thus, they now rule the world!”

Oh: “no I mean the zombie trying to escape them, didn't think it was funny. Now the pizza order on the other hand...”

BatWatch: “I love the racist zombies!”

Booth: “I lost it when they rolled up the window and locked the door!”

BatWatch: “(laughed) Yeah, that still sends goosebumps of hilarity down my arms. I'll have to check out more. I did find a catch though. If any black person got bit, they would then be in trouble...which means I'm over thinking things.”

Booth: “LOL!”

The only other thing worth menti

oning is that I got one more famous follower, Geraldo Borges, former penciler for Adventure Comics (2009) and Nightwing (2011) and current penciler for The Ravagers.