Featured News: Writer JimZub Replaced on Birds of Prey

It's comic book day, and reviews will probably be coming out pretty quickly since I have the day off. I suspect all reviews will be done by three o'clock, and Batman will probably be up by eleven in the morning.

To keep you thinking in the meantime, there are yet more bizarre executive decisions coming from DC. I was getting excited about JimZub taking Birds of Prey, but he was let go before he even had a chance to start his own run. Very odd. I don't understand the contract situation for writers at DC.

If you want to support a good writer, check out JimZub's series which is completely free online. Apparently, Skullkickers has found a way to make the older issues of their series completely free while still reaping a good profit. It's a nice system really. Click Here for Skullkickers.

Also, special thanks to JimZub for letting me know personally about being let go so I could get it on BatWatch more quickly.

Click the image for more details of DC's recent creative shuffle. 

P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention that Christy Marx (former writer of Epic series The Sisterhood of Steel, current writer of Sword of Sorcery) will be taking the writing duties for Birds of Prey instead of JimZub. Sword of Sorcery has been selling horribly, so I cannot imagine why DC would want to expand Marx's writing duties. Also, her name is Marx, and nothing good has ever come from somebody named Marx. (Groucho being the exception)

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