Commentary: "The Dark Knight" Sucks!


Oh the Humanity!

Due to a time crunch, (I only have about an hour to write this) a personal crisis, (my girlfriend's best friend is terminal with brain cancer. Prayers would be appreciated) and a general sense of apathy, this will probably be the most poorly written and least though out of all my commentaries. Luckily, my main though it pretty simple; The Dark Knight series, taken as a whole, is awful.

Just looking at the DCNU run, Batman has been great, Batman, Incorporated has also done really well, Detective Comics is blooming beautifully under Layman's care, but The Dark Knight, well, it's just plain bad.

Knight Terrors Gives Nightmares

David Finch took the writing reigns on The Dark Knight's astoundingly stupid first arch. Now David Finch is also responsible for the art, and in the art department, he can hold his own with the very best artist on the market as far as I am concerned, but in the the writing, not so much. Paul Jenkins (former writer of Hellblazer) plays second fiddle to Finch in the writing department, so I do not know how much of this travesty can be pinned on him, but if it was my work, I would be ashamed to put my name on it.

What's so bad about it? Everything except the art. The story (and I use the term loosely) is based around The White Rabbit, a speedster lingerie model who plagues Batman by amping up various villains on some sort of Venom like substance. The plethora of villains get superpowered, act like morons, and then kick Batman's butt until they either run out of juice or are taken out by a guest appearance from the Justice League.

Layered on top of this are various subplots all of which are as shallow as the central premise. Batman fights Superman in a Venom fueled slug fest which is less interesting then watching a turtle wrestling contest. Flash gets poisoned and has to outrun the effect which is a scene that has all the tension of broken rubber band. Bane ends up being the bad guy who was testing something or plotting revenge or something else so stereotypically villainous that my brain has blocked it out.

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