Happy 2 Month Anniversary BatWatch!

It has now been two months since BatWatch launched. Since that day, BatWatch has had 5,523 visitors and 12,505 page views! That means in addition to steady traffic, BatWatch has gained 12% more visitors and 17% more page views. Hopefully, that trend will continue.

I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has checked out the site. I love hearing from you in the comment sections; it's probably the quickest way to get a hold of me if you want to share your thoughts.

As always, there are plenty of new news articles to check out. I've been refining my news finding process, so I have been able to add a bunch more article. I believe I've added twenty-seven news articles related to the Bat Family just this week. Head over to the News Section of BatWatch to catch up with the latest.

Once more, thank you for helping make BatWatch a success. If you enjoy the site, please continue to pass it on.