Tweets of the Week 1/20/13


I thought we would try something different with this week's Tweets of the Week. Instead of conversations with me, I thought I would just pass on various things creators have tweeted which I thought was interesting. Some are exchanges with me. Some are not. Let me know if you enjoy this more or less than the regular format I've taken with Tweets of the Week.

JimZub Has Been Downsized

JimZub (former writer for Skullkickers) sent me the following link to let me know that he had been let go from Birds of Prey for which he was supposed to begin writing on issue #17:

In the conversation that followed, JimZub told me about how his series Skullkickers can be found online for free, and he has found a way to make a profit off this startegy which he explains here:

I like Jim. He seems like a nice guy.


Chris Burnham and Suicide

Chris is a former artist on The Amory Wars and current artist on Batman Incorporated.

Burnham: Just got google image bombed with the most horrific shotgun suicide pic I've ever seen. I want to take a pipe cleaner and scrub my brain.

BatWatch: Was it the one where he looked like Sid the Sloth because only the top of his head was left? Gross. I went on a gore kick a few months back. Thankfully, I got over it.

Burnham: Yup. That's the one. Geesh. At least that guy's pain is over, I guess.

BatWatch: Yeah...that stuff makes me sad. I've been depressed and had suicidal thoughts. Not fun. Sad our culture glorifies death...or part of our culture does at least. I'm not sure what the appeal is. Kind of like sucking on a rotten tooth.

Leon McKenzie Tries to Break in to the Business


I asked Leon McKenzie (former writer on The Mis-Adventures of Adam West) what he had planned for the future.

McKenzie: “Yeah. Working on a new one (project) at the moment. But it's in it's eaaaaaarly stages.”

BatWatch: “Well, best of luck with it. Any hints as to what it is?”

McKenzie: “It'll be in the superhero genre and as things start coming together I'll be letting you know. Try and stop me.”

BatWatch: “Well, I could just unfollow and that would probably stop you, but seeing as I'm a nice guy, I'll keep my ears open. (grins)”

McKenzie: “Oh, but You've already unfollowed . . . so I considered myself stopped. Like hammer time.”

BatWatch: “Whoops! Well, I've followed you now so I can threaten you with unfollowing in the future. (grins)”

Random Tweets

David Baron (former colorer on JLA and Batman: Confidential) tweeted a funny picture:

JimZub promoted his work. “Now, a cheap plug, check out Makeshift here:  + Skullkickers here:

DC Comics put out some teasing images for future comics. “Check out teasers and a gallery of covers for the Justice League Group titles coming out in April!

JimZub responds to fan support after his firing off of Birds of Prey: “Again, thank you, everyone. I deeply, deeply appreciate your praise, kind words and support. I'm hopeful the best is still to come in 2013.”


Sonia Oback (former colorist for Witchblade, current colorist for Mind the Gap and The Dark Knight) shared childhood memories: “Way back my older bro, cousin and I would play Kirk, Spock, and Bones in the back of my grandma's huge station wagon... while she drove and the hard turns that slid us across the back were the Enterprise getting hit. Seatbelts used to not be a thing.”

Kyle Higgins confessed his desire to cosplay: “Not gonna lie... I kinda want this suit now …

Katie Kubert thanks the White House: “Thank you, White House. …

Justin Jordan (creator and writer of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode and Team 7 promotes his work. “Legend Of Luther Strode: Yeah, it's pretty much all like this: …

DC Comics showed an amusing scene from Theshold: “Take a look at the final page from Threshold #1 as Larfleeze discovers his empty home in this exclusive.

Gregg Capullo pokes fun at himself by tweeting the following: “@seaforeex: This is why @GregCapullo & @Ssnyder1835 weren't assigned The New 52 Justice League, #Batman16” fatcanBhot”

Gail Simone tweets a picture of her kids: “@tt7777: @GailSimone Thank you. These are my four kids”. Aw!”

That's all folks.Again, let me know what you think.