Tweets of the Week 1/6/13


It has been a very interesting week for my Twitter feed as I gained five new followers among the creative community! I'll get to that at the end, but first, let's quickly look at the Tweets of the Week, which as always features conversations comic creators have had with me via Twitter. This week, Brett Booth (former artist of the Wildstorm comic Backlash, current artist on Teen Titans) talks to me about how long it takes for him to practice his craft. Then, James Tynion IV (current backup writer on Batman) supports BatWatch. Finally, we return to Booth who discusses the visual design of Joker's face with me.

Brett Booth Is a Busy Man

Booth: “Looking forward to my next page... I get some s*** up!!!! WhoooHooo!!!”

BatWatch: “On average, how long does it take you to do a page?”

Booth: “Depends on the page. easy one might be 4 hours, hard on might be 11. Average is about 6-8.”

BatWatch: “Holy crap! What kinds of pages are the hardest to do? Are the spreads more difficult or the ones with many panels?”

Booth: “depends on what’s on it.”

I didn't figure artist could just rush through things, but I had no idea it took that long. Respetct +10

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